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  1. Home Maintenance in Anderson, SC
    25 Jan, 2019
    Home Maintenance in Anderson, SC
    Are you a homeowner? Are you aware that just as your car needs regular maintenance in order to run well and have a long life, your home also needs a regular schedule of maintenance in order to provide you a beautiful and stress free living environment? Does the idea of another "to-do" list create panic when you consider your already full schedule? Let Specialty Handyman Services alleviate your stress and provide your home regular scheduled maintenance. Call (864) 634-4192 An easy way to
  2. sell my house
    14 Jan, 2019
    How to Prepare to Sell My House
    Are you a homeowner ready to sell? Are you concerned about getting a great offer, only to learn last minute that you must have work done on the house or lose money on the deal? By having a pre-sale assessment done, you can avoid the surprises that can take place to derail a great offer! We all have heard horror stories from friends and relatives who were excited to receive great offers on their homes, only to learn last minute that they must have a lot of work done on the house before the deal
  3. Christmas Light Installation Anderson SC
    12 Nov, 2018
    Christmas Light Installation in Anderson, SC Area
    Do you live in Anderson, SC area and looking to have your Christmas lights professionally installed? Would you like to deal directly with the installer from start to finish?  If you answered yes to these questions, you have found the right place. Specialty Handyman Services can handle all of your Christmas light installation and decorating needs. Why hassle with the tangled wires, high ladders, and cold weather when you have the opportunity to hire a courteous professional to take care of all